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Many of you coming to this site will be attempting to find the me to do training. The website has been converted into a blog to help direct you to the specific training or consulting you need. In addition from time to time there will be conversations about those subjects that will be helpful to you. There are new programs and markets being developed by my company.

My company started in 1989 doing firearms training for citizens and security officers. My main interest was improving my skills for the military when I started. I was an officer in my last years in a civil military operations unit and assigned as an operations officer. For the bulk of my time in the military training was my primary job responsibility. I managed training for units and detachments in a wide variety of areas. As time went and I left the military my exposure to related activities like police, security and citizen training evolved. Enough to the point where separate websites are now needed to focus towards your needs.

Most people know me from their relationship to firearms training.  The website for advanced firearms training and concealed carry is:

Click here to go to the firearms course website.

New Mexico Concealed and Advanced Handgun Courses

Fred Behnkens Firearms Website

State of New Mexico Contract Security Guard Licensing

School Security Consulting and Training

We started in 1991 doing security officer training in schools for the Bureau of Indian Education. Most of our experience has been with remote rural schools and colleges. Full service in the security and safety management process for a school is available. What makes our service highly competitive and effective is the multi industry experience we have working with hospitals, casinos, hospitality and agriculture industry.  In the military, I personally learned a high level of organizational structure inspecting and training units that eventually transferred to the complex educational system. You might be looking for help with assessments, policy and training assistance. Training and consulting for school boards and safety committees, emergency exercises are services you may need.

You can just call me at the office 505-254-7550 or 505-453-4966 mobile.

School Security Officer and Special Staff Certification this site is still being built, this is its theme.

I have recently developed a School Security Officer  and Special Staff certification program that can be done online or onsite. Participants who attend the onsite training also have include the Online training program.  We know it is important to have continuous and relevant training to continue to improve performance. Continuous and relevant training is a legal requirement to protect your school from liability.

School teamwork is required in responding to safety situations. All school staff must train together to protect the students and each other. Our program includes what we call Special Staff. Special staff are those school employees who have an identified responsibility in their job description for security or safety.  This is most of the staff in schools.

This is not stated lightly, many school staff and leaders do not have specific security training related to school. Most of the school leaders I have known have not had formal training in their educational degree programs.  Safety and security is a constant problem exponentially magnified with youth.  There is a stark relationship between a school that is unsafe and low academic performance. Education professionals careers hinge on academic performance.

Special Staff Examples:

Bus Drivers

Support Staff

Special Ed Teachers

Event Staff

School Secretaries

You can imagine emergency situations for the jobs mentioned above. How are they prepared? Our program will help.

Youth and Special Needs Control Program 

Our security and citizen self defense training has been effective for several thousand students in a wide variety of industries for 25 years.  The fundamentals in this program are based on your needs. In a service care giver environment physical contact takes on a new dimension. Self defense is still a right and necessary but professional response is also important. In responding to youth and special needs individuals unique skills and empathy are required.

This is a cutting edge change in reacting to physical contact training. Consideration is given to diversity. The importance of organizational assessment of youth and special needs individuals is critical. Policy and training follow hand in hand. Numerous levels of laws and ethics require service professionals to be able to help diverse individuals in the work environment.

We provide familiarization and full certification levels of training. 3 or 10 hour programs.