Launching School Security Officer Certification Correspondence, Online and Onsite Certification

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The above website will be up and have the full program up no later than December 2016. Correspondence and blended programs are now available. Please contact me for more information. Many people in the educational industry may find a correspondence course that is less dependent on full time computer use beneficial.  There will also be a full on Online Training with primarily video as the venue.  We are  available for Onsite training at your school or district.

Fred Behnken

The goal of the School Security Officer and Staff  Certification Course:

To certify with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become a School Security Officer or Security Qualified Staff Employee.

This course is the result of twenty five years of school security training experience. It will help you be successful as an In House School Security Officer, Contract Security Officer or School Staff Employee with extra security duties.

As you read through the sections of the manual take notes and write down your questions. Complete  and repeat the given exercises several times to learn the material well. There are review questions at the end of each section to help you learn the material.

You have 60 days to complete the program. Plan your work sessions now. Organize your study sessions for about an hour and a half of time in length. If you fail to complete the program you will need to re-enroll and pay the full tuition.  The approximate time is 24 hours. The Final Exercise for the course located at the end of this manual. It is an open book activity and group work is encouraged.  Get others to enroll and do the class together.

Chapter Review Questions and Hands On Exercises

As you work through the correspondence course manual you will answer the Review Questions and do the Exercises. Please do not send your work in for the Review Questions and Exercises for certification at the end of your study because these are for your own use. Repeat these activities several times. Write down questions and do internet searches over what you learn. If you have questions over anything,  please email or call the instructor at the contact information below.

If you have a school job now, talk to your supervisor or subordinates about the Review Questions and Exercises in the program. Get more people involved.  This program was designed to help everyone in your school.

 Correspondence, Blended Course and Online Certification

Certification will be based on a complete Final Exercise, student/instructor interaction  and course evaluation. Allow seven days for response.

Emailing the following digital documents for certification:


  • Student Information Form upon payment and enrollment
  • Final Exercise upon completion of the course
  • Evaluation upon completion of the course and Final Exercise


or mailing to:

School Security

Correspondence Course

PO Box 19232

Albuquerque, NM 87119