Political Self Defense on Election Day

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November 8th is just around the corner.  Donald Trump will get my vote.  The second debate kept the message and tone right. People who commit crimes should go to jail. The Clinton’s live in a house of cards. So does Barack Obama, because he is in collusion and contributory to the Clinton’s activities. Mr. Trump mentioned the concept of a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton’s in the debate. It will lead to a much larger scale and a potential blood bath in Washington. At this stage seeing the tree of liberty watered with some blood would be good for Americas growth.

If you think it doesn’t matter here, your blind.  We have an escalating crime rate fueled by drugs coming in from Mexico. We are losing a war with drug cartels. Most  the crime we suit up for each day with pistols and other weapons is because we have a Federal and state Government allowing illegal immigrants and drug cartels to pillage our communities.  This is by design. Just elect the same problem children politicians and it will keep getting worse.

After Trump we need to start looking locally to flush the toilet with the representatives we have now. Many of New Mexico’s representatives support Hillary Clinton.  We need to start putting pressure on these party line voters and make sure they know they are gone after this term. New Mexico’s circumstances will continue to worsen if we allow lawless politicians to screw our lives up.