Youth and Special Need Control Course 7-8 November 2016

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Location: Farmington, NM

By Fred Behnken, MA Security Management

Phone: 505-254-7550


Goal : To provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes to respond to youth and special needs safety incidents. This is a defensive tactics program for security officers and service professionals- such as school staff.

Course Summary:  In our communities there are the  young and special needs individuals.  Special needs individuals can include those with medical conditions or permanent disabilities.  These conditions can be obvious or more difficult to determine. Organizations charged with a service function must have consideration towards youth and special needs individuals. When incidents occur where physical control of these individuals is needed, special  knowledge, attitudes and skills are needed.

Approved for New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department continuing  education credits.

References:   Organization Policy

Course Booklet

Federal, State and Local Laws

Time: 10 or more hours, Two five to six hour days

Class Size Maximum:  12


  1. Introduction to Youth and Special Needs
  2. Policy, Ethics and Legal Aspects
  3. Environment Safety Awareness
  4. Physical Safety Methods
  5. Situation Follow Up
  6. Written and Physical Testing.