HB 50 Forced Back Ground Checks on your Private Firearms Interactions- FBI called for Investigation

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Dear Security Industry and Friends,


Today I filed a phone complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Bribery, perjury and Pay to Play is still alive in New Mexico.


Call the  Albuquerque FBI office and demand action against Round House Corruption:  (505) 889-1300


Call Senator Udall : (505) 346-6791


CALL Today! Tell them to pull their criminal bill- ask for their resignations-


HB 50 Author: Call Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard , Office Phone: (505) 500-4343

Home Phone: (505) 672-4196


Senate  Bill 48 Author , Call Senator Richard Martinez Office Phone (505) 986-4487 at Home Phone (505) 747-2337.


Billionaire Bloomberg part of a faction of people who have committed economic crimes continue to infect our culture with the poison to further their self serving agenda destroying  American’s lives.


You can be sure that money ,conflict of interest promises and  favors from Bloomberg  are changing hands in Santa Fe.  How do you think a dirty billionaire, especially one from New York gets what he wants?  Sen. Richard Martinez is the Espanola’s patron you can bet is getting  pay to play action. Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-Los Alamos) is surely being mentored and getting some under the table.


History is a predictor of future behavior.  Sen Martinez (D-Espanola)sponsored a law to regulate the security industry with AKAL security in 2006.  AKAL security has had a reputation of “currying” to the favor of politicians, such as, Sen. Martinez  to favor their business. The law development never followed a public process and there was no evidence in its favor.  The law ” for a price” was constructed to give AKAL  a market advantage and eliminate their competition.


However, AKAL forgot to “curie” to their customers and lost the City of Albuquerque  and  New State Fair for fraud.  On two federal military contracts AKAL  was fined  16 million dollars for federal contract fraud.  Of course Governor Richardson appointed the head of the AKAL company ,Gurteg  Khalsa , to be head of the PI Investigators Board. Sen . Richard Martinez were good AKAL friends and collaborated on the security regulatory law to help their “friends” at AKAL.


Ironically, AKAL wasn’t a real security business, it was a criminal syndicate, and a phony  religious cult.  Consequently, after all their misdirected efforts to manipulate everything but their own business they went bankrupt and closed their New Mexico office.  600 jobs were lost.


Since then, half of the security companies have gone out of business and we have lost half of the Level Three Security officers in the state. Approximately 3000 security jobs were lost and 100 security companies closed over a ten year period.


Where was Senator Martinez when all this was happening? You never saw him at the PI Bureau meetings.  Senator Martinez and Bill Richardson took the money and ran. What they need to know is they can “run” but not “hide”.


If history repeats itself you can bet Senator Martinez is taking more of your and Bloomberg’s money and running somewhere. Now they a screwing you again by taking away your rights.


You don’t even need to waste your time reading their BS draft HB 50 or SB 48.  It is criminal  garbage part of a criminal enterprise.  HB 50 completely  violates the New Mexico state constitution.  For the representatives  who swore an oath to protect the New Mexico State constitution, Article 2 ,section 6 it is a felony act of perjury that should result in ten years of imprisonment.



Current News Release on Unconstitutional HB 50



Fred Behnken