Shot Show Report 2017-Las Vegas, Nevada

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17 and 20th of January the annual shot show commenced.  The shot show is the largest firearms and sporting goods industry show. There are two thousands  vendors  and one hundred thousand  professional attendees from those in the industry.  There were many international participants bringing in a high variety of new products.  When it comes to shows, this is as good as it gets.


Two reporter friends and I had a road trip out to Las Vegas. My reporter friends were going to cover the show with thirty other reporters from all over the world. I was going for current knowledge about the civilian and security field. The effort would take me seven miles of walking each day and to hundreds of conversations.


Official Shot Show 2017 Story


The industries associated with firearms, hunting and the outdoors are going strong.  The innovation is amazing and refreshing.  There was a spectrum of forward movement in development.

Thermal gun sights

Individual Firearm Thermal Sight compared to a pen


Large and small thermal sights

More Thermal Sights. Anyone can have them.

Sensory and computer technology was an area I picked as a priority.  Imagery systems improving resolution and range of perception in safety situations give everyone an amazing ability.  Night vision and laser aiming devices, computer programs using satellite imagery are game changers.  Anyone serious about security can now afford technology to improve safety. The size and power sources on devices allow for easy individual portability and use.


Firearms are being innovated to a high level. The concealed carry movement has redefined handguns and supporting products.  There were a large amount AR style military rifles. Sniper rifles and equipment were on the increase since my last trip in 2014.


Flashlight technology is competing with LED and ergo dynamic features giving the user control over illumination. Many flashlights now have USB charging systems making for easy charging with other electronics. Illumination for all types of use are available.


Clothing and footwear have been making strides with new products that look good and provide comfort. Boots related to survival and security work stimulated many conversations and questions. Quality boots are within the reach of everyone. Several  new work  soles are designed for safer movement in an urban environment.

German Body Armor

Germans leading body armor technology

body armor

Concealable, versatile and safe body armor

The link below shows all the vendors at the show with secondary links to their websites.


Shot Show 2017 Floor Plan


If you have documentable proof of being in the firearms or related industries you can attend the shot show next year. It is an uplifting experience to see a thriving trade show.

Sniper Rfiles

Many Shot Show Sniper Rifles. Suppressor included


Live shooting at the Shot Show 2017

No Las Vegas trip is complete with machine gun shooting.  The Burger and Bullet fun shoot.

The burgers and bullets were good.