Advanced Handgun Class- Multiple Opponent Tactics

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Multiple Opponent Handgun Tactics Course Graduates


Violence is highest in a group.  Avoidance of violence is the primary strategy in self defense. The Multiple Opponent class creates the largest incentive to want to stay aware and avoid violent situations.  Role playing multiple opponent and bystanders scenarios is a critical skill set in all of our self defense courses.

Multiple Opponent

Example Contents of Multiple Opponent Handgun Course Manual


The Newhall Incident in Los Angles in 1970 was used in the course manual to show how a confrontation can degenerate resulting in a large loss of life.

New Hall Police Deaths

In the program the tactics that occurred in the New Hall Gun Battle are reenacted on the range.

Basic skills learned in the Handgun Tactics Course set the student up for this advanced handgun class. Situational safety is just as important as range safety. From that safety, self defense skills will be used effectively.  A low ready position is the cornerstone of safety in a mobile situation. Reactive shooting is a priority skill for a moving and shooting.

Low Ready Position

The Handgun Low Ready Position in movement training in our basic training course.

After the mechanical aspects of confrontation are studied enough, the human story comes out. What where the criminal motives and goals of the subjects? How should have been the motives, procedures and goals of the police? In the end, we can hope that a situation like this will never happen again.