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Shot Show Report 2017-Las Vegas, Nevada

  17 and 20th of January the annual shot show commenced.  The shot show is the largest firearms and sporting goods industry show. There are two thousands  vendors  and one hundred thousand  professional attendees from those in the industry.  There were many international participants bringing in a high variety of new products.  When it comes […]

Launching School Security Officer Certification Correspondence, Online and Onsite Certification The above website will be up and have the full program up no later than December 2016. Correspondence and blended programs are now available. Please contact me for more information. Many people in the educational industry may find a correspondence course that is less dependent on full time computer use beneficial.  There will […]

Youth and Special Need Control Course 7-8 November 2016

Location: Farmington, NM By Fred Behnken, MA Security Management Phone: 505-254-7550   Goal : To provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes to respond to youth and special needs safety incidents. This is a defensive tactics program for security officers and service professionals- such as school staff. Course Summary:  In our communities there are the  […]

Political Self Defense on Election Day

November 8th is just around the corner.  Donald Trump will get my vote.  The second debate kept the message and tone right. People who commit crimes should go to jail. The Clinton’s live in a house of cards. So does Barack Obama, because he is in collusion and contributory to the Clinton’s activities. Mr. Trump […]

Fred Behnken’s Training and Consulting

( Click this post’s title to see see all the information.) Many of you coming to this site will be attempting to find the me to do training. The website has been converted into a blog to help direct you to the specific training or consulting you need. In addition from time to time […]